Twenty Facts About RandomOlive -

I’ve written before about 20 things you might not know about me, but I thought it was time for me to tell you a few more things.

I’m participating in a Getting-to-Know-You game of 20 Questions with Kris (With a K) from the With a K Writing Academy. I’d love it if you joined along! Just go to check out Kris’s post about it here, and get started.

Here are my answers:

1 – What’s a ridiculous nickname you’ve had?

My roommates in freshman year in college called me Peanut. Still baffles me.

2 – Why do you write a blog? Have your reasons changed over time?

My original goal for the blog was to share neat stuff and show that creativity could be a part of everyday life. My aim is still to inject a bit of brightness and color into the ordinary.

3 – Where do you like to be when you are writing?

I can write anywhere. Seriously. I’m always scribbling on scraps of paper and I have “active” notepads and notebooks all over the place.

4 – Peanut butter & __________.


5. What does your Writing Process look like?

My writing process is usually a flash of brilliance in the shower combined with a desperate hope that I’ll remember that idea. On a regular basis, I complete three handwritten pages of free-writing in a cheap notebook. (read about how this has impacted my life here) I also outline and draft everything on paper with crossouts, circles, and arrows to rearrange. Finally, typing serves as a revision step plus a final proofread.

6 – What keeps you up at night?

Bad sleep hygiene like surfing Instagram from bed plus the incessant need to check email in the middle of the night.

7 – What was your last online purchase? Did you hide it from anyone? (I see you, impulse buyers & shame shoppers)

A lighting kit so I can create more awesome video tutorials and this book about lettering by Jessica Hische.

8 – What do you honestly think of elastic waistbands?

My dream uniform.

9 – What blogs or magazines do you love to read? Why?

Elise Cripe. Caylee Grey. Seanwes. April Bowles-Olin. Totally inspiring and gets me off the sidelines.

10 – What is your favourite way to express your creativity?

Colorful lettering. Project life. List journaling. Crochet.

11 – DSLR or iPhone?

It totally depends on the situation. When I’m practicing photography skills and visiting landmarks, I love using my DSLR. My fave lens: the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 for wide angle shots. I also love my iPhone for Instagram photos and regular everyday documenting. Either way, I process all my photos with RadLab.

12 – How do you feel about the semicolon? Do you have any feelings about punctuation marks, in general? (it’s ok if you don’t)

The semi-colon is awesomesauce; I use it all the time. I’m also a fan of quotation marks, periods, and oxford commas.

13 – What is a skill you really want to learn?

Acrylic abstract painting on canvas!

14 – Do you use a planner or journal to keep your life from derailing? What kind?

Planners are essential. I’ve been using the Simplified Planner for 2015 and I’m planning to use the Get to Work Book for 2016.

15 – What does your dream Sunday look like?

PJs til lunchtime. Nice lunch out. Back home for early PJs for the rest of the day. Plus a couch movie date.

16 – Do you have a full-time business or a side hustle?

Side hustle with a five-year goal to turn it full-time.

17 – Coffee or tea?

Soda. Pepsi Throwback or Cherry Coke.

18 – What is your favourite outfit?

Any pajamas. Oh, does that not count? My uniform of a fluffle (fluffly ruffle) or lace blouse with a cardigan, jeans, and flats.

19 – What scares you?

Heights. Fire. Blood-borne epidemics.

20 – Cats or Dogs?

Neither. Totally allergic.

What about you? Head over to Kris’ blog to play along!


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