This blog post is a part of the ’20 Things You Might Not Know About Me’ Blog Tag started by April from Blacksburg Belle. She began this blog tag experiment to build community among creatives, help us bloggers to connect more and get to know each other better. This month’s topic is all about sharing just a little too much information about yourself. If you’d like to participate or want more info, check out the beginning post right here.

Question 1: How tall are you?

Five feet and one inch (a.k.a. 155 centimeters). And I totally don’t do anything to boost it. Flat shoes all the way; comfort is key.

Question 2: Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

I’m not sure if this is really a hidden talent or just a little sneaky. Do you ever go to conferences where they give away swag? I’m really good at quickly finding (and collecting) the best swag with as little schmoozing as possible. I try to sneak by when the vendors are busy talking to other people. Or I just smile real big and ask “Can I take this?” and then leave.

Question 3: What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?

Gray font that’s too pale to read. I have bad eyesight people!

Question 4: What’s your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?

Inefficiencies in the retail world. People who order food too slow. Cashiers that juggle tasks in the least efficient sequence. I like my errands done quick!

Question 5: What’s your favorite song?

Hmm. This one is a little tough. I kind of stopped listening to the radio since I’m usually listen to podcasts during my commute now. Let’s say… You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift because it reminds me of my nerdy high school self.

Question 6: What’s your favorite Etsy shop that isn’t yours?

Lately, it’s been Big City Quiet’s digital scrapbooking supplies.

Question 7: What’s your favorite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?

Learn something new on the internet. I’m usually found watching CreativeLive or some instructional YouTube video.

Question 8: What’s your favorite junk food?

Ice cream. I love it. The more fat, the better.

Question 9: Do you have a pet or pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

Nope. None.

Question 10: What are your number one favorite nonfiction and fiction books?

Nonfiction: Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon
Fiction: Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Question 11: What’s your favorite beauty product?

Eyeshadow is my absolute favoritest category of make-up. And Urban Decay makes some good stuff.

Question 12: When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

My extreme introversion and shyness usually prevents me from being in embarrassing situations…

Question 13: If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Cherry Coke

Question 14: What’s your favorite movie?

Right now, Wreck-It Ralph.

Question 15: What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?

According to the Mean Girls cafeteria seating plan, Asian Nerd.

Question 16: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Indoors. Probably in an isolated cabin in the woods… very Thoreau, except with internet.

Question 17: PC or Mac?


Question 18: Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?

My husband washed my car for me. That was pretty nice.

Question 19: Favorite celebrity?

Emma Stone – I love that she utilizes paparazzi opportunities to promote social causes that she believes in.

Question 20: What blogger do you secretly want be best friends with?

Oh man, there’s so many bloggers out there that I’d just be happy to have a twitter exchange with. I think I’d click with Ms. Pretty Organised Caylee Grey.

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