Project Life is my preferred method of scrapbooking and I’m hoping to provide you with some useful tips for either documenting your own lives or putting together your own pages with minimal fuss.

Here’s what I’m going to emphasize with the layouts I share:

  1. The random stuff I like to capture and document for myself.
  2. The simple approach to Project Life that I take. There are a lot of photos and very little embellishment and journaling.
  3. The way I organize some spreads into themes or stories.

You can click on each image below for a slightly larger view.

Project Life -
Capture Idea: Walking to the parking lot after work, I noticed that my shirt color coordinated with my lunch box. Have you ever accidentally matched your things?

Story Idea: We went to baseball games at Angel Stadium two nights in a row, so I put all the pictures together on one spread.

Simplicity Point: For the right side spread, I fit the photos in 3×4 slots and then put title and first page cards in the 4×6 slots.

Project Life -
Simplicity Point: It’s nothing but squares on this layout.

Simplicity Point: On the left side, I placed a 3×4 journaling card in the space, but it didn’t quite fill the square widthwise. I solved that problem by color-matching the card and coloring the background of that slot to match.

Capture Idea: Snap the gas prices every so often. It’ll help you tell your future kids, “In my day, gas prices were only …”

Capture Idea: Keep documenting those books that you’re reading!

Project Life -
Story Idea: This whole spread was from a single trip to Las Vegas.

Capture Idea: I snapped our feet with some interesting looking tile at the Wynn. (You can read more about my photo series idea here).

Simplicity Point: I labeled my photos with digital clip art of banners and then typed over them.

Capture Idea: The view from your hotel room. Most of the times, I neglect this because it ends of being a loading dock. This was a pretty good one though.

Simplicity Point: On the right, I took a driving selfie with the front-facing camera on my iPhone 5s. The resolution was lower than a 4×6 photo slot, so I just placed it on top of a piece of digital scrapbook paper.

Project Life -
Story Idea: This whole spread was from a single trip to my mother-in-law’s house in NY.

Capture Idea: Airport selfie. We were taking a red-eye flight so we were wearing hoodies and looking overall disheveled. It’s important to document yourselves as you really are though, even without being all done up.

Simplicity Point: A super quick recap of the trip on a 3×4 journal card. Only the highlights here.

Capture Idea: I generally try to get a picture of the rental car we get. Just for fun.


Photos edited with RadLab. (Affiliate Link)
Templates by Cathy Zielske: 01, 02, 05
Fonts: ABeeZee and Klinic Slab
Kit: Jade Edition
For more info on my general approach to Project Life, check out this blog post.
Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. She’s awesome. Go visit her website for more information or watch her 3-day course on CreativeLive.

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