Photo Series Idea: Look at Your Feet |
So, I tend to look down a lot as I’m walking around, mostly because I feel like a klutz and want to make sure I don’t trip on anything.

I’m also looking at any interesting patterns on the ground. I’ve posted quite a few photos on my Instagram account of my feet and the view from where I stand. This is something I do see regularly on Instagram, so I won’t try to claim any credit for making it up or anything. But I’m usually trying to find a new angle to capture in seemingly mundane places. Most of my pictures have been outside a local drugstore or at my local library.

Funny enough, when I was sorting through my archive of digital photos, I realized I’ve been doing this unknowingly since 2002. I even managed to catch a shoe photo of every member of my family on a single family outing from 2003. Stuff like this is pretty neat to look at a decade later. Sort of like, “hey, I remember I used to love those shoes!”

Photo Series Idea: Look at Your Feet |

Over the years, I’ve continued with the feet theme and I like how it gives a different angle to my family photos. I’m happy that now I get to include my husband’s feet on our adventures too.

Photo Series Idea: Look at Your Feet |

What unique ways do you document yourself, where you’ve been, and your family?

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