Project Life is my preferred method of scrapbooking and I’m hoping to provide you with some useful tips for either documenting your own lives or putting together your own pages with minimal fuss.

Here’s what I’m going to emphasize with the layouts I share:

  1. The random stuff I like to capture and document for myself.
  2. The simple approach to Project Life that I take. There are a lot of photos and very little embellishment and journaling.
  3. The way I organize some spreads into themes or stories.

You can click on each image below for a slightly larger view.

Digital Project Life Layouts: March 2015 -

Capture Idea: After reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I decided to tackle all of my clothing. I snapped a “before” shot of my clothes piled on my bed. (There was more on the floor)

Capture Idea: I included a picture of brisket that we cooked. It’s not all about eating out!

Capture Idea: Ok, but the right side does have a bit of eating out…

Digital Project Life Layouts: March 2015 -

Simplicity Point: On the left, my photos were yellow and blue, so i mimicked those colors in my digital papers.

Capture Idea: On the right, I compiled some pictures of my office at work before and after I moved offices.

Digital Project Life Layouts: March 2015 -

Capture Idea: Sometimes, it’s fun to include pictures from a grocery run. Oftentimes, these are pictures that I message to my husband when I’m out and about.

Simplicity Point: On the right, I tried to place the photos in a checkerboard pattern and then fill in with digital papers that were all the same color.

Digital Project Life Layouts: March 2015 -

Capture Idea: Lots of fun nail polish pictures this month!

Capture Idea: Books I’m reading. This was Gretchen Rubin’s new book (reviewed here)

Simplicity Point: Restaurants are labeled with a digital sticker and type.

Capture Idea: I met up with the awesome Tara Swiger when she was in California! (obligatory picture, or it didn’t happen)


Photos edited with RadLab. (Affiliate Link)
Templates by Cathy Zielske: 01, 02, 05
Fonts: ABeeZee and Klinic Slab
Kit: Scotty Girl Design

For more info on my general approach to Project Life, check out this blog post.
Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. She’s awesome. Go visit her website for more information or watch her 3-day course on CreativeLive.

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