I am a huge fan of being yourself. I think that all of us have unique traits that make is completely awesome. And you probably have words that you use to describe yourselves and think are totally awesome. Sometimes, a visual reminder in our daily spaces help remind is that we should fully embrace those traits and be our authentic selves.

I’ve got a bunch of bright and colorful prints in my Etsy shop that you can buy as an instantly downloadable file. Print off as many copies as you’d like for yourselves or as gifts. And you can incorporate these sentiments in your art journals, scrapbooks, and more.

I’ve put a few examples below (and you can click on the images to get to that specific product page) but there are many more sayings in my shop. If you have a suggestion for a saying you’d like to see, leave it in the comments below and I’ll design a version and add it to the shop!

random-olive-joyful-self-preview random-olive-adventurous-preview random-olive-cheeky-self-preview Be Your Self Prints - www.randomolive.com and http://randomolive.etsy.com

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