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Do you guys follow me on Instagram? (you totally should) Have you noticed my love of library books? I also have this thing with leaving a random post-it inside the library books wishing the next reader well. Want to start this fun activity for yourself?

In June, Sarah (from Love Letter to Adventure) and I are teaming up to level-up this project and get all of you involved!

It’s the #RandomLoveLetter challenge and your mission is to leave a small positive note in any random location every day all month (you could even leave multiples per day!). Then take a picture of your note and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #RandomLoveLetter.

Let’s get detailed (SMART-style):

  • Specifics: Write a short note and leave it in a random place (library books, restaurant menus, store aisles, etc) each day.
  • Measurements: We’re aiming for a total of one millions random love letters out in the wild this month! Tell all your friends to get involved!
  • Attainability: This activity should only take you 60 seconds. Jot down a quick note and leave it someplace you’re already passing by. Heck, if you had time, you could write a bunch of notes ahead of time and carry them with you throughout the month.
  • Relevance: Your note will most certainly brighten someone’s day! Who wouldn’t appreciate a lovely well wish?
  • Timeline: June 1 to June 30, 2015

In July, we’ll highlight a few of our fave #RandomLoveLetter photos on our blogs. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

What’s next?

  • Grab this graphic and share it on social media to let your friends know you’re participating.
    RandomLoveLetter Challenge - www.randomolive.com
  • Download this cheatsheet for ideas on supplies, phrases, and random drop locations (But remember you can totally deviate and get creative).
  • Gather your supplies and get posting on June 1!

And don’t forget to check out Sarah’s blog, Instagram, and her new Venture Planner.

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