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We’ve all experienced to-do list overwhelm. I love making lists so making long to-do lists feels pretty natural. Listpads you see for sale at the stores are always so big! They must want you to finish everything, right?

The problem with long to-do lists is that it’s rare that you’d actually finish all the tasks on them. And then you end up feeling terrible and unproductive because you’ve barely made a dent on your task list.

But! If you limit yourself to just writing down three major things you need to do, and then do them, you’ll end up feeling really accomplished and productive. And feeling accomplished usually spurs more productivity. And if you want to call it quits for the day, you know that you did everything that you needed to for that day.

Want some other resources that explain the process?

To help keep myself on track, I created a one-page week-at-glance to-do list to narrow my focus for each day. I have a column for a focus area or theme for each day of the week, and then I write down those three most important tasks for that day. And when I get to cross off those three things, I feel great!

I’m sharing this downloadable with all of you to help you manage your tasks too.

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Downloadable Action Plan -

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