The Fringe Hours Book Review -

Are you someone who has a hard time making time for yourself? Yea, me too. In the The Fringe Hours, Jessica N. Turner discusses the importance of spending time on yourself and how to find pockets of time in your seemingly packed schedule.

How this Book is Organized
This book is organized into four main sections: 1. Explore, 2. Discover, 3. Maximize, 4. Live Well. The book starts with the emotional dilemmas women face when thinking about self-care: the guilt, the other responsibilities, the perceived selfishness. You’ve got to get on board with wanting to make time for yourself before you’ll buy into the strategies for reclaiming time.

The book then goes through specific strategies and examples for locating pockets of time in then utilizing them for activities that are meaningful.

Throughout the book, there are reflection questions and spaces to write your responses with regard to how you’re currently spending your time and how you’d like to be spending your time.

Overall Impression
I enjoyed that this book provided specific examples of actions I could take to fill my pockets of time with meaningful activities. I also appreciated the attitude that you don’t have to “do it all” and that it’s completely reasonable to ask for help on things that you’re not interested in or good at doing.

Useful For
This book is useful for any of you who suffer from guilt about taking time to take care of yourself. Also good for those of you struggling to squeeze out a few minutes of free time amidst a busy schedule.

Additional Resources
I’ve listened to Jessica speak on a few podcasts recently and found it useful to put a voice to the story.

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