Skillshare Course Review -

The follow up Skillshare class by Mary Kate McDevitt focuses on the Final Steps of Hand-Lettering (dealing with color and texture).

The course starts after you have a refined sketch of a lettering piece and starts with the inking of the drawing on a lightpad. This is a demonstration by Mary Kate as she talks through how she inks certain aspects of her drawing and whether she traces on different layers of paper.

Main Takeaways:


Mary Kate goes through the digitizing process in Adobe Illustrator in detail. Lots of steps here!


Mary Kate demonstrates how to create hand-drawn textures using a variety of tools (markers, stamps, brushes, etc) and then how to apply them to the lettering digitally. She also demonstrates how to use Photoshop brushes to refine those textures.

Overall Impressions:

The entire course is 3.5 hours. The material is at an advanced skill level for adding details to your sketch and there are lots of specific digital techniques here. If you’re just getting started with hand-lettering, this information may go beyond your zone of focus. This course would be great for people who are already skilled at lettering and wanting to customize the colors and textures using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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