Resource Round-Up: Gallery Walls -
In-progress shot of my downstairs gallery wall from July 2012

Gallery walls are ubiquitous on Pinterest. Seriously, just search “gallery wall” and you’ll be inundated with resources to help you spruce up your space. But what are the best tutorials out there for actually getting to work and getting it done?

These are the resources that I used when I was putting together my own walls. I’ve got a wall-o-frames in both my upstairs hallway and my downstairs entry. So I have definitely put the advice to good use.

  • The tutorial by Young House Love is hands down the most comprehensive tutorial on the web. I swear by nearly everything they say about home decor. While John and Sherry aren’t actively blogging anymore, we should totally take advantage of their archives while they last. Best tip: Start hanging from the center of the arrangement and work your way out, in case you need to adjust anything once the frames get on the wall. We used this tip for our walls, and they turned out great!
  • Have you got an awkward corner to work with? A Beautiful Mess has you covered there. Includes a video to show the action!
  • More ideas for frame fillers at Two Twenty One. Best tip: Make a wire loop for frames with unfortunately difficult nail hooks.
  • Don’t want to mess with paper templates? Well, you could do what Katie Bower does.

Hope that helps weed through some of the unhelpful Pinterest search results! Happy gallery-walling!

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