Pen Collection and Swatches -

I have an obsession with office supplies and I’m a bit of a pen hoarder. One thing that I enjoy doing is swatching out my writing utensils to see how the colors compare between brands.

The Test: Each pen is used on white notebook paper and a yellow legal pad. You can click on the image below for a larger view.

Pen Collection and Swatches -

The Pens: (links are affiliate) Paper Mate InkJoy 100 | Paper Mate InkJoy 300 RT | Paper Mate Profile Elite | Pilot B2P Bottle to Pen – Ball Point | BIC Cristal Bold | Pentel EnerGel | Pilot G2 | Pilot G2 1.0 | Pilot Precise V7 RT | Paper Mate Flair

The Conclusion: Green is another fun color I love to write with when I’m at work. The Papermate Inkjoys are very pale, so I don’t enjoy those as much. The Papermate Profile and Bic Cristal Bold provide lovely dark green shades though. And any of the gel, rollerball, or felt tips are solid.

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