Project Life is my preferred method of scrapbooking and I’m hoping to provide you with some useful tips for either documenting your own lives or putting together your own pages with minimal fuss.

Here’s what I’m going to emphasize with the layouts I share:

  1. The random stuff I like to capture and document for myself.
  2. The simple approach to Project Life that I take. There are a lot of photos and very little embellishment and journaling.
  3. The way I organize some spreads into themes or stories.

You can click on each image below for a slightly larger view.

Project Life -
Capture Idea: Can you tell we like to go out to eat a lot?

Capture Idea: For eBooks, I take a screenshot of the cover from the Kindle app on my phone. I’m what you’d call the cliche voracious reader, so I like to document the books I read.

Story Idea: The right page is entirely from a trip to Disneyland.

Simplicity Point: I had a filler card of Mickey that I downloaded from Sahlin Studio (available here) and I recolored it to match the journaling card I put on this page.

Project Life -
Capture Idea: Before and after shots. I was working on trimming this plant in my backyard and wanted to show my husband the before and after while he was at work.

Capture Idea: Any digital receipts or invoices of fun stuff? We bought the LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (affiliate link), which was super fun for my husband.

Capture Idea: Progress shots of your hobbies! Seriously, these are so fun to look back on.

Simplicity Point: The screenshots I take of my book covers end up just slightly smaller than the 3×4 slot. I just fill that background with white and call it a day. You could also use digital scrapbook paper.

Project Life -
Story Idea: San Francisco Trip. Organizing spreads into trips and locations makes so much more sense to me than breaking it up by week, especially since travel dates may overlap different weeks.

Simplicity Point: One journal card on the left for quick recap. And then one filler card to balance.

Project Life -
Capture Idea: While I was in SF, my husband was at home and received his new Lego toy. He sent me progress shots as he was building it. Pretty neat idea though. Can you tell I like to document progress?


Photos edited with RadLab. (Affiliate Link)
Templates by Cathy Zielske: 01, 02, 05
Fonts: ABeeZee and Klinic Slab
Kit: Kraft Edition
For more info on my general approach to Project Life, check out this blog post.
Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. She’s awesome. Go visit her website for more information or watch her 3-day course on CreativeLive.

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