Myers-Briggs Personality -
I’m a pretty big fan of personality tests. I like that my quirks and characteristics can be explained by psychology and that I can learn a bit more about myself through broader categories.

One of the most commonly-referenced personality indicators is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is based on psychologist Carl Jung’s research on human personality. With this indicator, there are four dichotomies for you to be sorted into.

Myers-Briggs Personality -

Extraverted vs Introverted

Getting energy from the outside world versus getting energy from within one’s own thoughts and ideas.

Myers-Briggs Personality -

Sensing vs Intuition

Paying attention to physical reality versus thinking through and interpreting the available information in your mind.

Myers-Briggs Personality -

Thinking vs Feeling

Making decisions based on logic and evidence versus making decisions based on empathy and compassion.

Myers-Briggs Personality -

Judging vs Perceiving

Others seeing you as task-oriented and organizing versus others seeing you as flexible and spontaneous.

I’ve taken a test like this multiple times and I can say that I agree with the results for me. There are a lot of ways that I think I totally embody the traits of INTJ.

What personality type are you? Take a test here and let me know in the comments!

More reading about Myers-Briggs at The Myers & Briggs Foundation.

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