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I’ve been on a Skillshare kick lately and another course that I viewed was Style Your Letters Boldly: Hand-Addressed Envelopes by Erik Marinkovich. I’m still very interested to see the techniques from different hand-lettering artists. Especially to see if there’s anything useful for me to borrow.

My main takeaways:

Using Reference Material:

Erik recommends starting out by copying what you see, but to eventually stop looking at the reference material and developing your own style.

Letterforms and Deliberate Practice:

Erik emphasizes practicing your letter forms repeatedly to build up your muscle memory. He demonstrates a large sans serif font and a casual script. It’s useful to follow along to see the proper technique.


Erik demonstrates the development of his composition by going through multiple iterations on tracing paper. Again, it’s very useful for beginners to see that experts go through multiple sketches before settling on a final design.

Overall Impressions:

I definitely got the most out of the detailed demonstrations and seeing the details of the techniques. There are some awesome ideas for composing your next envelope, possibly jazzing up your holiday cards for this year. Also, the lettering skills demonstrated in this course can be applied to other types of lettering, like signs and menus.

If these tips sound like things that might help you improve your lettering, check out the course page for Style Your Letters Boldly: Hand-Addressed Envelopes by Erik Marinkovich.

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