Olivia or Olive? What should you call me? | Messy paint splatter art layered over brush lettering - www.randomolive.com

Ever since I discovered the internet as a source of entertainment, I’ve gone by Olive in the online world. Various screennames over the decade have incorporated Olive and if I was lucky enough to get it, my screen name would just be “olive” if I was early enough. Five letters. Two syllables. Short. Sweet.

In real life, I go by Olivia – my given name. I do like my name. It’s unique enough where I’m almost always the only Olivia in the world. I used to be bummed that there’d never be any inventory of my name for personalized souvenirs, but I got over it when I realized I liked being unique better than that.

So what should you call me? Either one!

Do you have a preferred nickname? Do you use a different nickname in different areas of your life

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