Resources for Learning Photography -

I’ve said before in my photography journey post that I recently started to learn more photography skills using a DLSR. I’ve put together a list of my top five favorite resources for just starting out.

1. Click It Up a Notch

Courtney Slazinik provides a compendia of blog posts to help any beginner learn the art of photography. This website covers all the basic topics like using manual mode on your camera, settings, white balance, composition and more.

2. Jeff Cable Photography

I’ve watched a ton of Jeff Cable’s recorded presentations that he’s given at B+H headquarters. He’s well-spoken and tells you what you need to know without making things too complicated.
Here are my favorite videos:
Photography 101
15 Features of your DSLR
Shooting Great Portraits

3. Photography Concentrate

Lots of tips for new photographers! Rob and Lauren Lim are relatable folks who put together information and guides to teach you the nuts and bolts of photography.

4. CreativeLive

CreativeLive is my very favorite resource for learning. They provide streaming video courses online for free or for pay. They have an entire channel dedicated to photography, with up to three courses showing simultaneously. If you check the calendar, you can see the courses that are playing live, or you can purchase access to any of the courses that have already played. CreativeLive is also a great resource for those who are aiming to be professional photographers. Tons of experts and business advice too.

5. Improve Photography

Tons of information. This resource would be useful if you have targeted areas that you’re interested in improving.

Check out my Pinterest board about photography for even more resources!

Any resources that you recommend for those of us just starting out?

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