Sharing my Project Life Pages is a little bit intimidating. Scrapbooking is such a personal hobby that it’s tough to think of the best way to make these posts useful for you, the reader.

Here’s what I’m going to try to emphasize for you with each layout:

  1. The random stuff I like to capture and document for myself.
  2. The simple approach to Project Life that I take. There are a lot of photos and very little embellishment and journaling.
  3. The way I organize some spreads into themes or stories.

You can click on each image below for a slightly larger view.

Digital Project Life Layouts: January 2014 -

Capture Idea: Anomalies in the weather. Fog is pretty rare here where I live, so I snapped that pic on the left side.

Capture Idea: Christmas decorations back in the box.

Capture Idea: A shadow selfie on the bottom right.

Simplicity Point: Use digital paper to fill in the journaling spots if you don’t have much to say.

Digital Project Life Layouts: January 2014 -

Capture Idea: In-store displays that catch your eye.

Simplicity Point: Don’t have a square pocket for your Instagram photos? Mat it onto a 4×6 card, add a border, add a caption, and call it done.

Capture Idea: Trying a new hobby? Take pictures of your early attempts. It will amaze you how far you’ve come when you look back on it.

Digital Project Life Layouts: January 2014 -

Capture Idea: Anything unusual in the sky? The upper left was a shot I got on the way to work of the smoke from a local wildfire.

Capture Idea: Any weekly rituals? I paint my nails every week, so I try to remember to snap a picture of my finished manicure.

Digital Project Life Layouts: January 2014 -

This entire spread was taken with my DSLR.

Capture Idea: Take a stroll through your backyard one day. Document how the plants look. It’ll let you look back later and see how it changes.

Story Idea: Organize all those backyard garden photos into a single spread.


Photos edited by RadLab. (Affiliate Link)
Templates by Cathy Zielske: 01, 02, 05
Fonts: ABeeZee and Klinic Slab
Kit: Jade Edition

For more info on my general approach to Project Life, check out this blog post.
Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. She’s awesome. Go visit her website for more information or watch her 3-day course on CreativeLive.

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