Core Values of Random Olive -

I’ve been thinking about what it is that I want this space to be. There are definitely tons of things that interest me and I’m happy to share them with you. But there are four main areas that I decided are the core values of this site.


I will help you embrace ways to be creative in your every day life.


I’m dedicated to your continual learning, even if it’s just a small factoid or you discovering a new resource. Your learning something new (no matter the magnitude) lights me up.


You be you and I’ll be me.


You deserve to have physical evidence that proves who and where you are in life. I’ll support you through whichever endeavor you choose (taking your own photos, keeping memory books, or using your own hands to create something).

I hope this all resonates with you! It was great to think about what my values are here. What are your core values for your blog?

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