Artistic Postcard Collection -

So, postcards are not a new concept. You’ve seen them everywhere: gift shops, airports, bookstores. But I find that most of the postcards on the rack are some generic stock photo of the location and then the name of the town across the top or bottom (usually in some outdated font choice).

Sometimes though, you find a gem. And I’ve been on the hunt for well-illustrated postcards everywhere I go. The key is that they’re illustrated and not photographed. These sort of cards appeal the most to my artistic aesthetic and upgrade the cards into something I feel good about putting on my walls.

Artistic Postcard Collection -

They’re definitely tougher to find than the usual photographed cards (in one airport, I went to about 5 different gift shops to hunt one down), but they’re totally worth it.

Have you found any awesome postcards?
Post a pic on Instagram and tag me @randomolive.

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