I’ve been following Mayi Carles on Instagram and on her blog ever since she was a guest on April Bowles-Olin’s CreativeLive course. Mayi’s blog has a ton of awesomely illustrated printables and wisdom for kicking ass.

Recently, Mayi posted about the cycle of an idea, which totally resonated with me because I get a lot of ideas, but never quite execute them to the point of world domination. At the bottom of this post though, she had a blurb about a product that I hadn’t seen before. My first thought was “What?!? There’s something else she’s offering that I haven’t bought yet??” (I had already bought the Life Is Messy Planner Pack and enrolled in her joint venture course with April, Connecting the Gaps.)

So what was this product that I missed…? It’s an eguide for how to create best-sellers in your pajamas. Pajamas? Now you’ve really got my attention. So I click over to the sales page, and it’s a guide for creating, marketing, and selling your digital products. (and this is the first time I’m saying this publicly, I’ve got a few digital products in mind, so this guide was very timely for me)

I didn’t wait long before clicking the button to buy (maybe an hour? hour and a half, tops) and printing out my very own copy. And gosh darn it, it’s just as cute and helpful as she says it is. I totally can hear her voice reading it to me, as I read it.

I finished reading it in 3 days, and I still need to go back through and mull over all the assignments and prompts to get my ideas out of my head (or scrap papers lying on my desk) and off the ground and into the world.

If you’re thinking about launching digital products, or spicing up your current offerings, check out what Mayi has to say about it. She even has a sample chapter up on the site.

Links to Mayi’s sales page are affiliate, which means that if you make a purchase, I’ll receive a portion of the proceeds. Opinions are totally mine. You may not know me yet, but I’m pretty frugal, so if I bought a copy myself, it’s totally worth it.

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