Identify your strengths with StrengthsFinder 2.0 -

I’m a big fan of identifying my own personality traits and figuring out how to leverage them. One of my favorite resources for this is Canon EOS 60D.

The book starts with some information about how the strengths were developed and why focus on strengths at all. The thing I like the most about the Strengths Finder approach is that it doesn’t dwell on your weaknesses. Your characteristics are framed as strengths and there are suggestions for how to cultivate them. The book then describes all 34 strengths in detail, with the description of it, an example of a person with that strength, some action ideas for cultivating the strength, and some tips on working with people with that strength.

When you buy the book, you get an access code to the online test which will tell you your top five strengths.

Identify your strengths with StrengthsFinder 2.0 -

My strengths:

1. Learner – Basically, I love to learn and am more interested in the process of learning something than becoming an expert. I will pick up new hobbies all the time just to learn something new (like photography, or calligraphy, or setting up a blog).

2. Analytical – Basically, I love data and statistics and evidence. I tend to look for patterns and themes. Sometimes people may think I’m being skeptical when I’m looking for logical explanations.

3. Competition – This one is exactly how it sounds. Sometimes I get caught up comparing myself to others. I have to be careful because this can lead to doom. If I spend too much time thinking about how I may never get to the same level as others, I might not even start.

4. Input – I’m an inquisitive collector. Combined with my first strength, it means I tend to collect information and skills. I have a tendency to clear out entire Dewey decimal shelves at the library so that I’ll have collected and archived all the information from a particular genre. I also collect hobbies like nobody’s business.

5. Significance – This is where I want to have an impact in the world. (Hence the blog where I share stuff and hope to impact someone). It’s that desire to be recognized and be exceptional.

Have you taken the Strengths Finder test before? What are your top strengths?

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